Here are the Comets Men's Hockey team for this season! They're off to a great start! Good luck and skate hard!
WHS MH2017-2018 Team 8x10WHS MH2017 poster 8x10WHS MH2017-2018 002WHS MH2017-2018 006WHS MH2017-2018 007WHS MH2017-2018 008WHS MH2017-2018 009WHS MH2017-2018 013WHS MH2017-2018 016WHS MH2017-2018 018WHS MH2017-2018 022WHS MH2017-2018 024WHS MH2017-2018 030WHS MH2017-2018 031WHS MH2017-2018 032WHS MH2017-2018 033WHS MH2017-2018 034WHS MH2017-2018 035WHS MH2017-2018 036WHS MH2017-2018 037